DLC Services

Permanent Recruitment Solutions

Finding the right fit for the right position calls for a special set of skills and competencies. We at DLC are equipped to offer RECRUITMENT consulting solutions for all positions. Our strategy of operating as an extended arm of our clients has ensured positive results for our clients. Our dynamic mix of well-honed executives, an impeccable selection criteria and cutting edge recruitment advertising has enabled us to achieve results for our client’s diverse recruitment needs. One of our major strengths is our dynamic database, which forms the nucleus of our activities through which we are always able to provide clients with relevant, accurate and timely information to source the best professional talent in perfect tandem with the requirement on hand.

Temporary / Contract Staffing

Temporary staffing helps resolve headcount issues and minimize administrative overheads by taking care of statutory obligations. DLC is one of the leading temporary staffing service providers in the market currently with over 5000 employees on its payroll spread across 6 cities like Pune, Hyderabad, Delhi/NCR, Bangalore, Chennai and Mumbai.

Advantages of Temporary / Contract Staffing

  • No liability of permanent employment
  • Helps to cope with headcount issues
  • One single invoice for services rendered
  • Flexibility in the duration of the contract

Payroll Outsourcing

Payroll management requires a high degree of planning, efficient work allocation, rigorous quality adherence and agility. Our team offers error free payroll processing to our clients through a fully customized payroll engine that helps to process multiple clients with varied requirements. The engine is fully integrated with Employee Self Service window that facilitates employee interaction and Client Self Service window that shares payroll related MIS with client through a secured web network. We have a full-fledged expert team for statutory compliance management, where we handle PF, PT, ESIC, LWF, contract labour, shops and establishment act compliance for companies. 

Advantages of Payroll Outsourcing

  • Using a payroll processing service typically costs less than hiring an additional employee to handle payroll.
  • Companies can gain access to payroll specialists dedicated to ensuring they meet their statutory obligations.
  • The capital freed up by outsourcing can be invested more profitably elsewhere in the business.
  • Payroll outsourcing also allows for the latest technology in usage Choosing the right payroll partner would be a critical first step in maximizing the gains for any company.

Learning and Development

DLC Learning and Development program includes helping clients develop training content and trainers’ manuals/ tool kits for internal training be it soft skills, functional or product training. Through our unique “Train the Trainer” methodology we ensure that our clients have the in-house expertise to deliver those training programs effectively. We design and develop comprehensive modules for the programs that are relevant and customized to the client’s context. Program Content is supported by building an experiential methodology through which we will ensure that the training not only delivers the key concepts, but also provides an experiential base that will increase participant involvement and learner retention dramatically

Document Collection Services

Documents collected from client sites or client’s point of sale or retail outlets or from the remotest of locations across length and breadth of Mumbai through a highly experienced team of document collection professionals. Our complete document collection services include service customization to client’s specific needs which helps your business deliver better performance.

We offer

  • Scheduled pickups & delivery services.
  • Beat services using a milk run concept (applicable only in metropolitan cities)
  • Hygiene checks.

Scanning & Digitizing

DLC offers a comprehensive scanning service which encompasses all major formats.

How it Works:

DLC collects your documents and transfers them to our scanning centers. Skilled technicians use advanced scanners to create digital copies of your originals. Files are saved in the format you choose such as TIFF, PDF or JPG. These are saved to disc or memory stick.

  • Document Preparation: Remove staples, bindings etc.
  • Document Scanning: Convert hardcopy to digital image.
  • Image Enhancement: De-skew, increase digital quality, image clean up etc.
  • Image Formats:TIFF, JPEGH, PDF compressed (200 dpi to 600 dpi).

DLC will scan any number of documents you want. Our customised software’s also enables our team to give you various MIS as per your specific needs.

Advantages of Scanning & Digitizing:

  • Fast and accurate
  • Field Indexed Searches
  • Data Exchange Capabilities.
  • Low Cost Per Scan
  • Clears office space.
  • Archive for maximum security and accessibility.
We offer:
  • Bulk Scanning of archived documents.
  • Same Day Scanning
  • Pay as you go scanning
  • On-Demand Scanning
  • Best practises for document security, access and compliance.